Welcome to Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Folk Camp!

Ti Ti Tábor 2023 will be held August 6-13, 2023 – Click here to register for camp

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Attention! please read before visiting camp

The board of directors would like to inform you that August 7th a camper tested positive for covid. This person arrived at camp Tuesday afternoon and left shortly after dinner. They were at camp for less than a day and were asked to leave camp immediately after testing positive. We have taken the following steps to mitigate any spread of infection. 

  • Campers actively showing symptoms of illness will be asked to isolate, test, and leave camp when possible.
  • Visitors actively showing symptoms of illness and their companions will not be allowed to visit camp
  • We Strongly encourage masking with a n95 especially when in dance workshops, singing, or in close contact with others
  • We have recommended that campers test 48 hours after possible exposure and test daily for several days after. If they receive a positive test after leaving camp we ask that they let us know so that we can contact trace.
  • We have modified our meal service and classes to reduce crowding, improve air flow, and utilize outside space as much as possible. 
  • We strongly encourage people to utilize good hand hygiene including washing hands frequently, using the available hand sanitizer and refraining from touching the nose and mouth.

Although we believe the risk of infection is small, it is not nonexistent and as a board we are committed to hosting a safe and healthy camp. All visitors to camp should carefully assess their own personal level of risk and decide for themselves if they should visit camp this year. We recommend that anyone with a compromised immune system or who is elderly not visit camp this year.

When arriving at camp, please wait by the flag pole and call one of the numbers listed there and someone will meet you to do a verbal symptom screening, sign you in and provide a mask if you would like one.

2023 Special Events
  • Livestreamed interview with Cimbi and Bea Monday evening about their work preserving Hungarian folk traditions in their village.
  • Piac/Market – Tuesday and Friday evening
  • Hungarian Banquet – Thursday dinner hour and evening
  • Foxtrot class with John Doubt – Thursday afternoon, $20 suggested donation to benefit camp
  • Retro Táncház – Friday evening, wear your grooviest 70s gear to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Táncház movement
  • End of camp Gala Evening  – Saturday dinner hour and evening
  • Cultural Theme Activities – throughout the week there will be cultural activities related to Christmas and New Year’s  traditions.
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Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Folk Camp

Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Folk Camp offers a rich immersion experience into authentic Hungarian folk culture for adults and children alike. Set on the beautiful Raft Island, in Washington State, the camp brings experts from Hungary to teach folk dancing, music, singing, and traditional folk arts.
Want a taste of what it’s like to come to Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Folk Camp? Watch our video on You Tube. (Many thanks to Jenny Sapora!)

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