Welcome to Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Folk Camp!

Ti Ti Tábor 2022 will be held August 7-14, 2022

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Dance and music material

Covid-19: In addition to following any state and local regulations, we are currently requiring all campers to provide a negative Covid-19 test prior to camp. Please see our Covid-19 page for more details. 

Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Folk Camp

Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Folk Camp offers a rich immersion experience into authentic Hungarian folk culture for adults and children alike. Set on the beautiful Raft Island, in Washington State, the camp brings experts from Hungary to teach folk dancing, music, singing, and traditional folk arts.
Want a taste of what it’s like to come to Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Folk Camp? Watch our video on You Tube. (Many thanks to Jenny Sapora!)

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