During morning and afternoon sessions children will enjoy folk dancing, singing, games, cultural activities, flute instruction, and crafts.  In the afternoons our dance teachers Erika and István will also lead a dance class for the children. A family Táncház , led by our children’s instructor, will be held before the regular Táncház most evenings.

Children’s program instructor

Barbara Szabó-Tóth moved from Budapest to Texas 14 years ago with her husband and two daughters. It has always been very important to her that her children mastered their mother tongue and be deeply connected to their Hungarian cultural heritage. Using her professional qualification as language teacher and linguist (with two masters degrees from Eötvös Loránd University – Faculty of Humanities, Budapest), she started Hungarian enrichment classes for children of all ages in the Austin area. She taught in this Hungarian kid’s club for many years with the main goal of helping families of Hungarian heritage to preserve the Hungarian language, culture, history and traditions. The basis of her educational methodology is to introduce knowledge by combining it with some funny, surprising and entertaining experiences. For example singing the well-known song “Süss fel nap!” (“Let the sun shine!”) while passing along ice cubes to classmates; or memorizing a Hungarian poem with the help of a sound-recording toy bird. She is excited to bring the same experience-oriented cultural and language enrichment activities to TiTiTábor this year!