Covid-19 policy:

  • All camp participants will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms, given a temperature check, and asked to provide a photo or documentation of a negative test before being admitted to camp.
  • Campers arriving at the beginning of camp on Sunday August 7th should self-test anytime from Saturday morning (Aug. 6th) or later before arriving at camp and be prepared to provide a photograph or documentation of the negative result.  Instead of self-testing, campers can present a negative result from a 3rd-party test from a pharmacy, Urgent Care, etc.
  • Part Time Campers will be screened upon arrival and asked for proof of a negative test taken within the previous 24 hrs.
  • Individuals who test positive before arrival, will not be permitted into camp.
  • Individuals with a positive result after arrival will be asked to:
    • Return home if they have transportation and can safely drive.
    • If the individual is unable to leave, space in a quarantine cabin will be provided.
    • Individuals who test positive and do not display any Covid-19 symptoms may return to camp after receiving a negative PCR test.
  • Campers are encouraged to bring some extra self-tests to camp if they would like to use them during the week.
  • Masks are not required but encouraged if you feel more comfortable doing so.  We ask campers who arrive to camp via the Ti Ti Taxi to wear a mask while in the vehicle. Surgical masks will be available in each Ti Ti Taxi.