Where is Ti Ti Tabor held?

Camp is held at All Saints Camp on Raft Island – just outside of Gig Harbor WA.

I’m traveling from out of state and flying, how do I get to camp?

You will want to fly into Sea-tac airport. There is a shuttle available (www.kitsapairporter.com) that will take you from the airport to a hotel “The Inn at Gig Harbor” that is near camp. You can purchase a ticket for it at the airport. Upon arriving in Gig Harbor, a “Ti Ti Taxi” driver will meet you at the hotel and bring you to camp. At the end of camp, the Ti Ti Taxi will take you to the Inn at Gig Harbor for you to catch a shuttle to the Sea Tac airport.

A shuttle reservation is required for rides to the airport. Our Ti Ti Taxi coordinator will be in contact with all campers who require transportation to/from camp to help them determine what shuttle they will catch, how to purchase tickets, and when they need to catch it. Work exchange applicants who need to arrive early to camp for set-up, please contact the work exchange coordinator to arrange transportation.

What if I’m flying in for just part of the week or leaving early and need to get to the airport?

If you are a part-time camper needing a Ti Ti Taxi ride midweek our transportation coordinator will work with you to arrange for transportation.

I’m traveling with young children, what do I need to know?

You are responsible for bringing or securing a car seat for your child should they require one. While a car seat is not required on the shuttle to/from the airport (see shuttle website for more details), a car seat is required in the Ti Ti Taxi vehicles. You may also need to bring a travel crib or pack n play as the cabins only have bunks in them.

What are the accommodations like at camp?

There are plenty of places on site to tent as well as cabins available. Cabins have 5-6 bunks in them and have electricity.  Cabins do not include bedding, please bring your own bedding. There is a main bathhouse with showers and bathrooms in the main lodge.

Is bedding included?

No, please bring your own bedding and towels.

Can I do laundry at camp?

No, There are no laundry facilities at camp.

I don’t want to stay in a cabin, what are my options?

Onsite options include tenting and limited spaces for RVs (no hookups). Offsite options include making your own arrangements at a local hotel/AirBnB or commuting from home. Please note that any offsite arrangements are not included in camp fees and need to be arranged by campers, this includes transportation to and from any offsite housing option. Camp is unable to provide any transportation beyond the “Ti Ti Taxi” at the beginning and end of camp.  

What are the food options at camp?

Regular or Vegetarian meals are prepared onsite for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks in the evening. Thursday dinner and Saturday dinner are our banquet evenings.  If you have special dietary needs please contact us to see if they can be accommodated.

What should I bring?

Some recommended items (this list is not exhaustive): Bedding or sleeping bag, towel, tent (if tenting), shower toiletries, if dancing then appropriate footwear and clothing, money for the Piac (market), water bottle, any necessary medications, instrument and pencil/pen/paper for music classes, costume for Thursday Banquet night.

Am I able to visit camp just for the day or evening?

Yes! We welcome visitors and have options for those who are unable to come for the whole week or just want to come for a meal or evening Tanchaz.

I don’t speak Hungarian, will I be able to participate in the workshops?

We provide translation for the teachers during workshops and any special events during the week. Almost all campers who attend speak English or both English and Hungarian.

Am I able to record any of the workshops?

Music and singing students can voice record their teacher during class for their own personal use. There will be a few minutes allotted at the end of each dance workshop for participants to video record the teachers demonstrating the figures. There is also a recording session held Saturday afternoon which allows campers to have the opportunity record all material taught during the week. Unless otherwise stated, participants are unable to video or record during the workshops. We ask that all recordings made during the workshop time are for personal use and not distributed to others or posted on social media.

Can my children attend camp?

We have a children’s class for ages 3-12. Children under 18 are unable to attend camp without a parent or legal guardian present. If you are not able to attend camp with your child, you may designate another adult to be responsible for your child. We require notarized permission if your child is attending camp with an adult that is not their legal guardian. While the children’s classes are supervised, parents or legal guardians are ultimately responsible for their children while at camp.

What happens if I get sick or injured while at camp?

We are not liable if you get sick or injured while at camp. Every camper who attends is asked to read and sign our policy form which explains Ti Ti Tabor’s sick and injury policies in detail. Depending on the type and severity of the illness or injury, you may be asked by the Ti Ti Tabor Board of Directors to leave camp early. Should you need it, there is a designated “health room” available on site if you need to stay there until you are able arrange to go home. There is also a local hospital as well as urgent care clinics and pharmacies close to camp. The Ti Ti Tabor Board of Directors can help you come up with an appropriate plan should you fall ill or injured while attending camp.