Welcome to Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Folk Camp!

Ti Ti Tábor 2021 will not be held.

The 2021 Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian folk camp will not be held due to continuing issues because of the Corona virus pandemic.  Uncertain travel restrictions along with ongoing local restrictions are preventing us from being able to plan for a successful camp this summer.
Although we are disappointed, we are looking ahead to 2022.  The dates and details for camp 2022 will be announced as soon as they are confirmed.

Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Folk Camp

Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Folk Camp offers a rich immersion experience into authentic Hungarian folk culture for adults and children alike. Set on the beautiful Raft Island, in Washington State, the camp brings experts from Hungary to teach folk dancing, music, singing, and traditional folk arts.
Want a taste of what it’s like to come to Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Folk Camp? Watch our video on You Tube. (Many thanks to Jenny Sapora!)

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