Two levels of dance instruction will be offered.  Magyarpalatka instruction will be split into two levels, beginner and intermediate/advanced.  The Magyarbőd class will be geared for all levels.  A detailed schedule will be published closer to camp.

Dance Instructors

Gábor Norbert Kovács entered this world in Ajka (western Hungary) as the son of folk dancer parents.  As a child, he began dancing in the town his birth, ultimately graduating from the Magyar Táncművészeti Főiskola (Hungarian Dance Academy) in the program for folk dance and theater dance.  After his graduation, along with his activity as a dancer he has been involved in teaching folk dance in schools.  He is currently a dancer in the Magyar Nemzeti Táncegyüttes (Hungarian National Dance Ensemble).

In 2013, he received recognition as a ‘Golden Spur Dancer’ at the Békéscsabai Országos Szólótáncfesztivál (The National Solo Dance Festival in Békéscsaba).

Nóra Gál danced in various amateur ensembles from childhood.  As a young person, she danced in the Bocskai Néptáncegyüttes (eastern Hungary), as a university student, in the Szentendre Táncegyüttes, then for a year as a professional dancer in the Magyar Nemzeti Táncegyüttes (Hungarian National Dance Ensemble).

She has had an opportunity to work with many Hungarian and foreign folk dance ensembles (London, Melbourne, Erdély, Vajdaság, for example) in which capacity she was awarded recognition for choreography (Martin György Országos Néptáncfesztivál 2015, Kállai Kettős Néptáncfesztivál 2016).  In 2017, at the Nemzetközi Párostánc competition (International Couples’ Dance Competition), she was recognized as “Az év páros táncosa” (The Couples’ Dancer of the Year).

Currently they both work in Budapest, forming a partnership in life and in dance.

Gábor and Nóra will teach the intermediate/advanced Magyarpalatka class and the all levels Magyarbőd class.

László Tihanyi will return for his fourth year at camp and second year teaching beginner dance classes. He is a native of Hungary and has resided in Oakland, California since September 2013. Since his arrival he has been the Assistant Artistic Director and Principal Dancer of Eszterlanc Hungarian Folk Dance Ensemble. His background as an amateur Hungarian folk dancer and dance teacher has led the group to invite him from Hungary for leadership and teaching roles in the US. László received his Bachelor of Science in Hungarian folk dancing and folk dance coaching from the Dance Academy Budapest, Hungary.

Viktoria  Kovács was born and raised in Szeged, Hungary. She started dancing ballet at the age of 5 until she immigrated to the United States with her family at the age of 15. Dancing was everything to her, so she felt very lost here until the San Francisco based Eszterlanc Hungarian Folk Ensemble started up again in 1999 when she joined. She was already in love with Hungarian folk dance since at an early age she attended dance practices with her mother who was a dancer in a Hungarian folk dance group for 20 years in Szeged, Hungary. Hungarian folk dancing gave Viktoria her identity back as a dancer and as a Hungarian living in the United States. In 2004, she became the artistic and costume director of the group until 2016 when she left for maternity leave. Throughout her 12 years as artistic director she attended dance camps, workshops and festivals to bring in new material to the group and to further her knowledge in Hungarian folk dance and culture. She has rejoined the group recently as artistic director with László Tihanyi and as the costume director.

Keeping Eszterlanc Hungarian folk dance ensemble alive is vital to her as she would like to pass on everything she has learned to the future generations, including her daughter.

Laci and Viktoria will teach the beginner Magyarpalatka class.